Copy200 takes your job from start to finish – down to the last detail. Because we know how you present your report is just as important as what you’re presenting. COPY2000 lets you select from:

PLASTIC SPIRAL BINDING This economical and durable method allows documents such as reports and manuals to open flat for easy access. It permits pages to be taken out temporarily for copying and be placed back into the booklet after. The plastic spiral is also reusable. It is suitable for reports and instructional materials.
VELO BINDING – Mostly used for legal documents, This gives any proposal a professional appearance.
WIRE BINDING – This, with a metal wire shaped similar to plastic spiral, allows reports to open flat. This is an excellent alternative to plastic spirals. It is suitable for calendars and catalogs.
COIL BINDING – Coil binding allows documents to be placed completely flat, and allows pages to be placed on the back-side, permitting the reader to hold the document by one hand. This is suitable for notebooks and manuals, where flexibility is important.
FASTBACK BINDING – The newest way to bind, using a tape of assorted colors with adhesive, all kinds of document for years without punching, drilling, unsightly plastic or wire. Fastback binding, like spiral binding, also allows pages to be
taken out temporarily for photocopying.
SADDLE STITCH BINDING – This method uses staples and is ideal for booklets with a limited number of pages
PADDING – A permanent binding methods used for paperbacks, pads and NCR forms.

Also, let Copy2000 to give your report a finished look with a quality cover. We provide you with a wide selection of covers of different color, weight and textures.