Today’s businesses, from a store that sells antiques, to a corporation that produces high-tech products, need to produce many professional looking documents and stationaries. Copy2000 recognizes the needs of businesses and is tailored to be the first and last stop for the document management needs of your business

Copy2000 offers a number of services catered for your business:

desktop publishing – generate flyers, business cards and other stationaries for the daily needs of your business.

all-digital high speed black and white copies – make high quality copies of letters, packets, and booklets to help perform many business tasks.

Color reproduction – create full color copies of presentation materials and photos as a part of effective business presentations.

fiery-color on demand – full color copies made directly from computers with Fiery color server. Customers can bring the originals on disk or on-line, skipping the process of printing the original out. It is suitable to print color publications in small or moderate quantities in demanding condition.

large format copying, printing & scanning – for engineering and architectural blueprints.

large format full color printing – suitable for window displays

binding– transform a stack of papers into a booklet with long lasting durability.

cutting and drilling – for documents and other items with special specifications.

laminating– help protect materials like menus from harsh environments.

postage metering – tired of waiting in line to buy stamps? We can handle the mailing process for you.

business cards – a requirement for a successful business.

rubber stamps – stamps help businesses by making many regular procedures more efficient.

paper selections Рwide selections of standard, color, cardstock, resum̩ paper for every kind of applications.

online file transfer – the quickest way to transfer electronic originals to the store, call (650) 592-3421 for details.

corporate accounts – for businesses and other organizations to simplify payments.

sign production – we make signs for windows, vehicles, storefront, and more